English Pronunciation Game!
30 июля 2013

English Pronunciation Game!

English Pronunciation Game!
An English Pronunciation Game! Give it a try! Record your attempt and post a video reply. =D Article: www.thepoke.co.uk/2011/12/23/english-pronunciati...
Видео English Pronunciation Game! очень пригодится для изучения английского языка.
#1 написал: Gary Ploski (1 августа 2013 08:27)
o.O If I did it? was purely unintentional.
#2 написал: darren green (1 августа 2013 08:27)
how? come you dropped your accent halfway through and started speaking like a British thespian?
#3 написал: WWExtreme25 (1 августа 2013 08:27)
2:49 its? pronounced AN-EM-ON-Y not AN-E-MONE :)
#4 написал: Gary Ploski (1 августа 2013 08:27)
Fantastic!? I'll watch it now.
#5 написал: Cendana K (1 августа 2013 08:27)
I? did give it a try... LOL
#6 написал: Gary Ploski (1 августа 2013 08:27)
Thanks so much, @billwenham I know? there are plenty of laughs that can be had with that reading.
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