Learn English - English in Three Minutes - Getting Contact Details
26 сентября 2013

Learn English - English in Three Minutes - Getting Contact Details

Learn English - English in Three Minutes - Getting Contact Details
www.EnglishClass101.com/video Learn common conversation topics with our English in Three Minutes series! In the US, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking English. A native English teacher will explain the simple phrases necessary. In this lesson, you'll learn how to ask and answer "What's your phone number?" in English. Visit us at EnglishClass101.com, where you will find many more fantastic English lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there! If you learned a lot with this video, stop by our English language learning website and get other language learning content including great videos just like this one, audio podcasts, review materials, blogs, iPhone applications, and more. Find out more, go to: www.englishclass101.com/2012/09/14/learn-english-in-three-minutes-6-how-can-i-reach-you/ www.EnglishClass101.com/video
Изучение английского языка станет простым с видео Learn English - English in Three Minutes - Getting Contact Details.
#1 написал: Antonio Rivera (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
20 people didn't? get the number of a person :v
#2 написал: Phalkun Mey (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
Yes? I'm on Facebook. My Facebook is Mey Phalkun. I'm happy to see you guys!
#3 написал: LinkBe Tiens - Unicore (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
- Are You on? Facebook, some...body? ^3^~
#4 написал: silentSTem (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
LOL that's? exactly what i was thinking ..
#5 написал: Badmeets Evil (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
it? takes 5
#6 написал: IIRM INDIA (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
#7 написал: Sevinj Jafarli (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
thank u,Mrs Alisha!? I get many useful things ! Continue teachin,we luv u.
#8 написал: itgr17 (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
I wish every English native speaker spoke like her. She? is lovely and clear.
#9 написал: ram keishna (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
Really mam i like ur videos n i have learnt a lot? of things thru ur videos.. You are a great teacher. Less time ,more n useful information, tips n advice, understandable language with soft spoken , daily routine chapter ....all these points we can find only and only in your videos. Thanks a lot mam to teach us with great english videos. God Bless You . Thanks n regards.. Mrs. Rajni
#10 написал: Trang Bui (28 сентября 2013 14:06)
I like all? your videos :3
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