Phrasal Verbs As Nouns
30 июля 2013

Phrasal Verbs As Nouns

Phrasal Verbs As Nouns Has a teacher ever asked you to make up a class? Did you think he wanted you to decorate the classroom? Or did you understand he wanted...
Изучение английского языка станет проще с видео Phrasal Verbs As Nouns.
#1 написал: jesusjat88 (1 августа 2013 10:00)
I like it? you're a great tacher (y)
#2 написал: kelly ortega aponte (1 августа 2013 10:00) are the best....? =)
#3 написал: rafucho ojeda (1 августа 2013 10:00)
why? don?t you make sentences, written examples,on this words?
#4 написал: Mohammed Abdalshaikh (1 августа 2013 10:00)
Hi Adam, Would you please explain us the expressions,1- that? is my friend and 2- that is a friend of mine.My best thanks.
#5 написал: loi van (1 августа 2013 10:00)
your video is wonderful, moreover you perfect? pronunciation. thank you very much.
#6 написал: Bas Ali (1 августа 2013 10:00)
Adam, I noticed you said "Put on makeup"... so I'm confused now, I always used to say it this way "Wear makeup" ?? is it correct? ?
#7 написал: Sultan B. (1 августа 2013 10:00)
It's unusual teaching, I like it.? I hope you write a meaning in each word, just 1-2 words. Thank you Adam.
#8 написал: M H (1 августа 2013 10:00)
Adam, you are such a nice person. And your lessions are very? helpful and interersting. Thanks a million!
#9 написал: melonowy20sorbet (1 августа 2013 10:00)
so cofusing ! XD? so many different meanings
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