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English Grammar: Reported Speech
30 июля 2013

English Grammar: Reported Speech

English Grammar: Reported Speech
www.engvid.com/ In this lesson you will learn how to correctly relate what others have said to you. In English grammar, this point is known as "report...
Видео English Grammar: Reported Speech будет очень полезно в самостоятельном изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: lufoover (1 августа 2013 10:41)
Thanks very good?
#2 написал: RammsCarvalho (1 августа 2013 10:41)
Indeed, she didn't mention? whether the sentence on the board is direct or indiretct speech. If it is direct, your point is totally right,? it would be she talking about something said by someone to herself.
#3 написал: RammsCarvalho (1 августа 2013 10:41)
my father said that when he CAME back he would give me? a present, looks the correct as this structure is grammatically? very similar to conditional tense, the condition in this case is that "(if) he came back" and the consequence is "he would give me a present". Hope I have helped a bit and any points to be made, I'm opened to reconsideration ;)
#4 написал: anwar87999 (1 августа 2013 10:41)
#5 написал: Rosangelis Madera (1 августа 2013 10:41)
my father said? that when he comes back he would give me a present.
#6 написал: Richard Jensen (1 августа 2013 10:41)
As a native English speaker, I disagree,? this is really not the way most people speak. It all depends on whether you are speaking or writing. He said that you are smart; this sounds perfectly correct to me, most people would say this.To say you were smart implies that in the past you were smart, but, now, in the present you are not smart. In writing you could enclose the reported speech in quotation marks. Don't get hung up on this.? Don't worry about changing the tenses.
#7 написал: HeroOfWar (1 августа 2013 10:41)
We use "Said Something TO someone" and "Told Someone" Ex. "I said? something TO them". "I told them the story".
#8 написал: Anastasia Dinda (1 августа 2013 10:41)
when do we use "said? to" and "told" ?
#9 написал: Mohamed Reda (1 августа 2013 10:41)
Another mistake she made I think, in the? second? sentence it should be "he were a teacher" don't you think so ?
#10 написал: snoopylove4ever (1 августа 2013 10:41)
God I hate english!!!?
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