For-Profit Colleges in US May Face Tests on Federal Student Aid
30 июля 2013

For-Profit Colleges in US May Face Tests on Federal Student Aid

For-Profit Colleges in US May Face Tests on Federal Student Aid
This is the VOA Special English Education Report, from | President Obama wants the United States to have the world's highest rate of college graduates. But his administration also wants stronger rules for colleges that operate for profit. Career colleges receive billions of dollars from taxpayers through student loans. The Education Department says some of that goes to waste and leaves students in debt for educations of little or no value. To receive federal aid, career colleges must prepare students for what the law calls "gainful employment" in a recognized occupation. Two tests are proposed to see if they do.One would measure the relationship between debt loads and how much students earn after they complete a program. The other would measure the rate at which all students repay their loans, whether they complete the program or not. Programs that fail these tests could be restricted or blocked from federal student aid. The Education Department says for-profit colleges and training programs are important. In two thousand eight they had close to two million students -- nearly three times more than in two thousand. Last year, the five largest received more than three-fourths of their money from federal student aid. And that amount did not include other forms of government aid. Yet officials say for-profit colleges may be less supervised than other schools. They also point to reports of highly aggressive marketing. For every one hundred graduates of for-profit colleges, eighteen fail to repay their federal student loans. That compares to five graduates of public colleges and universities. The department is now collecting public comments on a number of negotiated rules. Some would require career colleges to release their graduation and job placement rates. The goal is to publish a final rule by November.The Career College Association called the debt-to-earnings proposal unwise, unnecessary, unproven -- and unlawful. The group says it has found that students in higher priced programs are more likely, not less likely, to repay their students loans. It says the move could end programs serving three hundred thousand students. Female and minority students would face the most harm, it says, as they are more likely to attend career colleges. The association also points to shrinking budgets for community colleges. Its president, Harris Miller, says "Students need more information, not fewer choices."And that's the VOA Special English Education Report. (Adapted from a radio program broadcast 29Jul2010)
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#1 написал: MaggieLovesJimmy (1 августа 2013 13:10)
Where did you get that information? I don't know which traditional colleges you're talking about. I've been going to college for? the past 3 years on need-based aid (2 years at community college & 1 year at a state university)...and no one has denied me anything. And my upcoming fourth year is being paid for on need-based aid. Aid is only denied when you don't keep your GPA at a certain level, so they know you're working hard to earn it. Otherwise, it's being wasted.
#2 написал: spookyrush (1 августа 2013 13:10)
Nearly everything coming from? the Dept of Ed about gainful employment is just a witch hunt to close career colleges. They have been trying to close them down for years, and they finally have found a way (with their propaganda). Career colleges have more rules than any other type of post-secondary insitution already, and all these rules are meant to do is to close them down for good. I know. I work at one.
#3 написал: zjones1222 (1 августа 2013 13:10)
Cont. He never knew a thing about technology and the demand for students in online education. Obama wants to control the masses. Its clear to me he likes attacking? students that are closer to being professionals than those still airing it out with professors at these state ran institutions of higher learning. He better think again about degrading those who have taken courses from for profit universities. John McCain thought online education was good for America as the changing age.
#4 написал: jamesjdm (1 августа 2013 13:10)
No, Obama wants to lock out minorities and the poor from? attending college. Traditional colleges have taken steps to stop giving aid to need based students, leaving the poor or underpaid students w/o the ability to attend school. if this proposal passes we will see the rich getting educate, and thus richer while the rest of us cannot get into a school. I attend a for profit school that has REGIONAL ACCREDITATION, which is the same as any non-prof school. how is that not acceptable????
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