A Fountain of Chocolate, a Rush of Joy
30 июля 2013

A Fountain of Chocolate, a Rush of Joy

A Fountain of Chocolate, a Rush of Joy
Hillary Bradley is putting together a chocolate fountain for a private party. HILLARY BRADLEY: "It's definitely level on the bottom ... and level on the top." Ms. Bradley makes and sells chocolates. She says people love her chocolate fountains. HILLARY BRADLEY: "A chocolate fountain is a catering equipment that you put melted chocolate in that flows through and then you dip wonderful things into it. And then I melt it down and 'cause it has to be at a certain viscosity to go through the fountain. So, I melt it at home and I bring it here. We put a little bit of cocoa butter in it 'cause the higher the cocoa butter content, the more it's gonna flow." Ms. Bradley likes to add salty crackers, cookies, and fruit to a chocolate fountain. HILLARY BRADLEY: "Totally unlimited, but these are pretty much the favorites. So the fruits that are popular are strawberries, pineapple and bananas. So those three. We also use dried fruits, dried mangoes, dried apricots, those are really good." A chocolate fountain this size requires about nine or ten kilograms of liquid chocolate. That is enough to serve up to 150 people. WOMEN: "I love it, I really love chocolate and having things to dip in it makes it even more better." "Fabulous, it was such a great break from the day. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate?" I'm June Simms.
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