At Catholic University, a Growing Number of Muslims
30 июля 2013

At Catholic University, a Growing Number of Muslims

At Catholic University, a Growing Number of Muslims
The Catholic University of America has welcomed a growing number of Muslim students in recent years. It is not just Catholics who feel at home there. REEF AL SHABNAN: "Being in a religious environment where religion is practiced it makes it more understandable and easier to practice the religion itself." Reef Al Shabnan is a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. She likes Catholic University because of its conservative values. REEF AL SHABNAN: "Family values, I guess the nuclear family, pro-life the position of the school on those issues go along with my position as well." Christine Mica heads the university's admissions office. CHRISTINE MICA: "While they may not be Catholic, there is this sense of security and safety of practicing your faith on campus here." Wiaam Al Salmi came to Catholic University from a university with no religious ties. She says faith is a way of life here. WIAAM AL SALMI: "The environment here is also religious and the teachings that they teach here is similar to the teachings that I grew up with and so you know, going to pray you know, that's that's nothing out of the ordinary for them. And so they understand." In a five-year period, the number of Muslim students more than doubled -- from 41 to 91. Most were from Saudi Arabia. TANITH FOWLER CORSI: "We attribute that a lot to our connection with the Saudi Embassy here in Washington D.C., and there has been a conscious effort to develop a good relationship with the embassy." Tanith Fowler Corsi is Catholic University's assistant vice president for global education. Kenny White, a Catholic, says seeing his friend pray has strengthened his own beliefs. KENNY WHITE: "It's inspired me. I mean he's a very faithful Muslim and very devout and that inspires me to be even more devout in my faith." I'm Christopher Cruise.
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#1 написал: Louis Guillotte (1 августа 2013 13:27)
This is a great video!?
#2 написал: thefuckingmegadave (1 августа 2013 13:27)
So... you agree with destroying Catholic? churches in Saudi Arabia, or also forbidding to build them on this country? Do you know about freedom of cult? You are contradictory. You don?t believe in freedom. And Catholic Church is very hypocrit allowing this flow of muslim students into Catholic institutions.
#3 написал: nycullaSUCKS (1 августа 2013 13:27)
You? are dancing with the Devil.
#4 написал: FArhat KAinazarov (1 августа 2013 13:27)
let?s inspire each other guys ,that~?s? good motivation
#5 написал: E13Greengategoon (1 августа 2013 13:27)
It depends what the? Grand Mufti meant by ''Arabian Peninsula''. If he meant Saudi Arabia itself (although i'm pretty sure there are no churches in Saudi Arabia, but I could be wrong) then I absolutely agree with the Mufti, Saudi Arabia has huge significance to Muslims in the same way the Vatican has huge significance to Catholics however if he includes Yemen, Oman, Qatar (they just built a new church), UAE, Syria etc then I disagree, everyone should be allowed to practice their faith in peace.
#6 написал: MsColdCanada (1 августа 2013 13:27)
I'm glad you like your university. Tough question: what do you think about the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia saying all churches throughout the Arabian peninsula should be torn? down?
#7 написал: Abe Handal (1 августа 2013 13:27)
Whats does that muslims say " that the Islamic teaching is similar to the Catholic?" NO WAY! It's exactly the opposites, they don't believe in Jesus as savior and God. but at least they? are nice people!
#8 написал: mohammed bantalal (1 августа 2013 13:27)
I am muslim and I study in a? liberal catholic university. And I LOVE IT.
#9 написал: Hung Nguyenhuu (1 августа 2013 13:27)
#10 написал: Syed Hamza Rasool (1 августа 2013 13:27)
Muslims Are gr8?
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