A History Of Britain Pt3 Dynasty 4
30 июля 2013

A History Of Britain Pt3 Dynasty 4

A History Of Britain Pt3 Dynasty 4
BBC - A History of Britain.
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#1 написал: lehtorja (1 августа 2013 07:28)
Try thinking symbolics.?
#2 написал: Wilbtube (1 августа 2013 07:28)
I think it's an eagle. A very... regal animal.?
#3 написал: meribuu (1 августа 2013 07:28)
"This fellow won't? be getting up again". No wonder why my stomach feels funny...
#4 написал: Hoekell (1 августа 2013 07:28)
... Urgh. Too bad.?
#5 написал: MagiMysteryTour (1 августа 2013 07:28)
Ewww, I think I just stepped in a pile? of plantagenet anathema.
#6 написал: yossariancomplex (1 августа 2013 07:28)
I don't expect? Schama to cover every detail, nor do I expect him not to speculate but he speculates on such rediculous points: was he wearing goat hair underwear when he breifly reconciled with Henry, it's possible but does it matter? Why speculate on such an issue. To reiterrate, soap opera history- unscolarly and rediculous.
#7 написал: Exekiiel Keiros (1 августа 2013 07:28)
The line that starts at A, goes? through B and continues on
#8 написал: MrSesh84 (1 августа 2013 07:28)
A hare shirt with lice crawling in it? Being filthy back then was a christian virtue. ?
#9 написал: LambChowder1 (1 августа 2013 07:28)
seems more realistic than? half of the final words throughout history
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