China's Air Pollution
30 июля 2013

China's Air Pollution

China's Air Pollution
From VOA Learning English, welcome to the Economics Report in Special English. China has been struggling to deal with record levels of smog over Beijing. Rec...
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#1 написал: Nam Tran (1 августа 2013 07:42)
Oh guys, thats correct grammar. Nothing wrong! The? formular is:IT +HAS + V3/ed
#2 написал: Tienhung Nguyen (1 августа 2013 07:42)
i don't think so. it is true! because become is not only V1 but? also V3
#3 написал: MyOOdream Charon (1 августа 2013 07:42)
At 0:45, I think there's a mistake in the sentence: "But? it has also become the world's biggest producer of carbon gasses." BECOME? or BECAME?
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