Writing Tips: Show Not Tell
30 июля 2013

Writing Tips: Show Not Tell

Writing Tips: Show Not Tell
TELL: He was thinking about being late and what his boss would say, not watching where he was going. His car spun out of control and hit a tree dead on, smas...
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#1 написал: Plasmabender03 (1 августа 2013 14:29)
This really helped, thanks? :)
#2 написал: 0grea0 (1 августа 2013 14:29)
woow! welcome back to youtube. enjoyed the video!? *like*
#3 написал: Can Ilgaz Г–zdemiroДџlu (1 августа 2013 14:29)
"Vanessa." It came from the gloom, about that she was assured. She took a step forward, gulping. Another step followed and another. As she neared the obscurity, the repetition of her name boosted in quantity. They were many but only one. They were the chorus of a single. She stepped into the murkiness and as she did so, two shrewd white slits appeared on the far side. Vanessa's blood grew cold. She felt her torso being clasped by a vaporous? hand, and she knew that she was trapped. Is this ok
#4 написал: Can Ilgaz Г–zdemiroДџlu (1 августа 2013 14:29)
Also, can you please? do ask travis stuff june? Thanks.
#5 написал: brian bargar (1 августа 2013 14:29)
Favorite Harry? potter book/movie?
#6 написал: Can Ilgaz Г–zdemiroДџlu (1 августа 2013 14:29)
Hi Travis, Can you talk about book names? Great video by the? way. Thanks, Cam
#7 написал: Alicia Paleno (1 августа 2013 14:29)
Huge difference from the first version. I've also heard before that sometimes you have to tell instead of show. But I never understood when or what to tell. I heard telling helps slow down the pace. But that it should be used sparingly. Do you think this is true or have any advice? on it? Thanks!
#8 написал: Dawnshade1 (1 августа 2013 14:29)
Thanks. I have alot of? problem with this ^^'
#9 написал: Aeghamedic (1 августа 2013 14:29)
Are? you planning on reading the winning story?
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