Learning English - Lesson Thirty Eight ( News )
7 августа 2013

Learning English - Lesson Thirty Eight ( News )

Learning English - Lesson Thirty Eight ( News )
In this lesson we look at words and situations related to news reporting.
Видео Learning English - Lesson Thirty Eight ( News ) окажет помощь в самостоятельном изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: Leonardo Sales Duarte (9 августа 2013 08:01)
"Iiiiiiiiiii hope so" ! I'm from Brazil !? Thank you very much
#2 написал: igor luiz (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Great lesson misterduncan thanks FROM :? Vit?ria da Conquista - Bahia- BRASIL!!
#3 написал: johny punch (9 августа 2013 08:01)
this is a one of the best teaching video? lessons of the internet, also it's free :)
#4 написал: Rume Martinez (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Your? videos are so So so so great!!! Greetings from Mexico!!
#5 написал: Fereshteh Nikzad (9 августа 2013 08:01)
I love your teaching. with? best wishes from Iran
#6 написал: Diana Vega Amaya (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Y saludos para la people de Colombia que?????? dede aqui tambien te vemos, no nos discriminen....Ta ta?
#7 написал: Avana Rakotoarivony (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Teacher, why did you forget to thank your online? students from Madagascar??No hard feelings...we love your method of teaching cos they are effective!!! hey, why don't you plan to visit Madagascar for the next summer vacation???thks a lot
#8 написал: SargentoAgat (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Misterduncan was reading the page 3 of the newspaper.? hahahaha Great lesson, as usual. Bye-bye for now.
#9 написал: yakamoz255 (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Thanks a lot for sharing your immense knowledge in the field of English with people in such a creative way. I'm sure you spent a lot? of time trying to find a way of getting these videos better and better. I wish? the best for you in life, take care and ta-ta for now. (:
#10 написал: Jackie Huynh (9 августа 2013 08:01)
Dear Misterduncan, I am from U.S. I really appreciate you. Thanks for everything that you? do for me and for everyone in the World. I wish you are always fine. Jackie Huynh
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