Learning English - Lesson Fifty Eight (Going On Holiday)
7 августа 2013

Learning English - Lesson Fifty Eight (Going On Holiday)

Learning English - Lesson Fifty Eight  (Going On Holiday)
Originally uploaded in October 2010. Re-uploaded in Full HD, with corrections. Misterduncan goes on holiday and you are welcome to join him.
Видео Learning English - Lesson Fifty Eight (Going On Holiday) очень полезно в изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: Exekiiel Keiros (9 августа 2013 08:05)
whoa man, you are extraordinary, I hope someday being able to travel? as much as you...
#2 написал: Alla Romashkova (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Mr.Duncan, you are? cool
#3 написал: Mohammed Elkady (9 августа 2013 08:05)
this lesson? is very difficult
#4 написал: 35ozgur (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Mr.Duncan next time please visit istanbul you? may stay with me :) so I can show my appreciation to you :)
#5 написал: Le Vu (9 августа 2013 08:05)
A useful video! Thanks? Mr.Duncan...(^_^)
#6 написал: maya chen (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Thank you so much! You? really a great educator!
#7 написал: KOKA kvasha (9 августа 2013 08:05)
nice stuff Mr. Duncan? keep it up
#8 написал: Rub?n Matas (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Thaks a lot for these? altruistic videos....for sure the universe will reward you.
#9 написал: egates40 (9 августа 2013 08:05)
I'd love to go? holiday with u
#10 написал: sadiyenc (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Mr.Duncan,you always do good job so words aren't enough how to say thank you..I've been a baking chef in US for 3.5 years after we moved from Turkey.I can't find lots of different conversation environment because of busy traffic in the? kitchen all day long but I found the easiest way which helps me to improve my English day by day.I watch your at least 2 or 3 vidoes every night after work even if I'm deadly tired.You're my best friend so I'd like to make your favorite desserts to make you happy.
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