The best English 69. Teaching English Vocabulary.
14 августа 2013

The best English 69. Teaching English Vocabulary.

The best English 69.  Teaching English Vocabulary. The best way to learn English The best english movie 68 Always learn phrases b...
Изучение английского языка станет простым с видео The best English 69. Teaching English Vocabulary..
#1 написал: Chelsea Yang (16 августа 2013 08:46)
I don't understand ''step out '' yet?
#2 написал: Katherine Canuck (16 августа 2013 08:46)
wonderful lesson don't stop putting videos? thanks
#3 написал: Radzimierz1 (16 августа 2013 08:46)
This video? English is cool!
#4 написал: Rose Haller (16 августа 2013 08:46)
thank? you
#5 написал: ZAROUAL YOUSSEF (16 августа 2013 08:46)
It's not nice? to keep cockroaches not as pet or something else,I agree with Sara to dislike that,It's just an insect not useful,I can't understand why this guy keep talking about them.
#6 написал: Ottimista83 (16 августа 2013 08:46)
Congratulation for this channel! It's very nice and usefull! I watch it always and wait? for the next!
#7 написал: Al alaoui El maghrebi (16 августа 2013 08:46)
very nice ?
#8 написал: Hang Nguyenthi (16 августа 2013 08:46)
it's? really useful for me...let posting more and more these video, please!!!!!...thank you very much!!
#9 написал: Paolo Vigo (16 августа 2013 08:46)
Hello Andrea Hello Gabe Here in Italy it is time to Holiday I do not know if in the place where you are is time to holiday but let me say "Have a nice Holiday" See you? soon Paolo
#10 написал: THE LAM (16 августа 2013 08:46)
So easy to? learn. Thanks
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