Basic English Grammar - TO BE verb
30 июля 2013

Basic English Grammar - TO BE verb

Basic English Grammar - TO BE verb "To be" is the most common verb in English. In this basic grammar lesson, I will teach you how to use this verb correctly. You will lea...
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#1 написал: prafull badyal (1 августа 2013 08:06)
who needs to? go school
#2 написал: kmroshan555 (1 августа 2013 08:06)
your? a wonderful teacher I am watching every day your video
#3 написал: pradhumman singh (1 августа 2013 08:06)
Rone your? teaching style is amazing .i like it
#4 написал: Moseen Baig (1 августа 2013 08:06)
hai? u did a great job can u go with other examples
#5 написал: ibef261 (1 августа 2013 08:06)
Thank you very very much!? :-)
#6 написал: Anouar LAKHAL (1 августа 2013 08:06)
you're the best our teacher. thank you very very very much that's my first lesson in Grammer thanks a? lot
#7 написал: Mohamed Sarook (1 августа 2013 08:06)
This is my 1st lesson. Thanks? lot...!
#8 написал: MOTASIM QAISY (1 августа 2013 08:06)
i am happy no. im not happy he is a student no , he is not student she is a sister no .she is not sister it is a door no , it is not door you are a happy no im not a happy we are a happy no? we are not happy they are a happy no , they are not a happy
#9 написал: MsNuurdiin (1 августа 2013 08:06)
Thank you so much my? best techear
#10 написал: riverarivera5590 (1 августа 2013 08:06)
You? are great teacher !!!