"OUT" Phrasal Verbs - Business English
30 июля 2013

"OUT" Phrasal Verbs - Business English

'OUT' Phrasal Verbs - Business English
www.engvid.com/ Are you studying English to do better in business? I would like to point out that the following business English phrasal verbs will he...
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#1 написал: Cora V. Ines (1 августа 2013 06:52)
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. God bless you? beyond measure.
#2 написал: Fred Morgan (1 августа 2013 06:52)
Thank you, very nice... ?
#3 написал: azano keen (1 августа 2013 06:52)
if i remember correctly, it's karoushi (sounds like kah-raw-she) the japanese word he? talks about
#4 написал: Bahjat Hammad (1 августа 2013 06:52)
I didn't mean to annoy you or anybody, I just care for others.I don't like to be selfish.I found happiness and success? in Islam and wish that all the people in the world will get rid from? misery and sadness. Regarding God's mercy,you can read the Quran to realise his mercy. Peace :)
#5 написал: Wahab Albader (1 августа 2013 06:52)
Thank? you teacher
#6 написал: ahynter (1 августа 2013 06:52)
HOROSHO in Russian mean? GOOD
#7 написал: ahynter (1 августа 2013 06:52)
we call USA? - 'Pindostan'
#8 написал: mymoonscape (1 августа 2013 06:52)
Will your God let you live after death and suffer torments? I thought that? he is merciful. And what if your God doesn't exist? That means you've wasted a lot of hours in church or wherever, praying or whatever instead of studying english. Let other believe in whoever they want. Peace! :)
#9 написал: JORGE CASTRO URIOL (1 августа 2013 06:52)
thanks James,? you are the best!
#10 написал: Nartay Dembaev (1 августа 2013 06:52)
Your are the best best explainer!) or? Teacher. Examples is very funny and more understandable))