Numbers Flashcards in English for Kids and Children
30 июля 2013

Numbers Flashcards in English for Kids and Children

Numbers Flashcards in English for Kids and Children
Flashcards with numbers from 1 to 20 for Richard V Krokos (6 months old) Early Education Email: [email protected]
Английский язык с видео Numbers Flashcards in English for Kids and Children станет проще.
#1 написал: tedkanode123 (1 августа 2013 08:18)
thanks for the tutorial, this is? awesome tutorial for children
#2 написал: Sto0opHeart (1 августа 2013 08:18)
#3 написал: gam3r323 (1 августа 2013 08:18)
Thums up if Magic Numbers? forever lost brought you here
#4 написал: flongie22 (1 августа 2013 08:18)
My 18 months old son likes this.?
#5 написал: sexyboyjohnny4 (1 августа 2013 08:18)
u must read this. once u have started there is no turning back. a little 10 year old girl was raped and murderded in? 1945. her body was not found until 1947. then a boy last week? read this and did not copy and paste this? message.? the dead? girl appeared in his room haunting him and killed him. if you do not copy and paste this onto 10 vidoes in 30 minutes the dead girl will apear? in your room tonight and haunt you and kill you. well you better start to copy and paste to be saved
#6 написал: 84amely (1 августа 2013 08:18)
buen video!!?
#7 написал: hendri173 (1 августа 2013 08:18)
#8 написал: Fun English (1 августа 2013 08:18)
Good video for young? learners.
#9 написал: xxLabrat407xx (1 августа 2013 08:18)
simUSA - I like your? 2nd suggestion but I think that comic sans is an awful font. I think it would also be nice to see a person saying it. The lip movement would help with speech issues.
#10 написал: ivdanaen (1 августа 2013 08:18)
Great video for my kids who are just at this stage of learning to count and to recognize the numbers. My (almost)? 2 and (almost) 3 year old watched it today about 20 times in a row and they didn't get bored. They shouted "again!" every time it was over.