Learn English with Steve Ford- Peppy 21(Head Idioms)
26 сентября 2013

Learn English with Steve Ford- Peppy 21(Head Idioms)

Learn English with Steve Ford- Peppy 21(Head Idioms)
Here is the third video on idioms related to parts of the body! The free mp3 file and activity for this video can be accessed at: mypeppy.com
Изучение английского языка станет простым с видео Learn English with Steve Ford- Peppy 21(Head Idioms).
#1 написал: Miguel ?ngel gonzalez PhoenixD (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Thanks alot steve, they are help me , it was jutst that? i've needed ;)
#2 написал: PrivateEnglishPortal (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Hi Ayesha! Thanks for your comment! I suggest you check out my TOEFL videos as there are listening and speaking activities for students at the BA? and MA level of English. There are lots of free e-books if you look for them online also. Best Regards my friend! Steve
#3 написал: zennia gold (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Hello sir, I? am Ayesha from Pakistan, I wanna say that your way of teaching is superb always but I have a question to you please also start teaching GRE vocabulary in true American accent so we non native ones could understand in an easy way and also the phonatics and sound of american english daily routine sentences speaking. regards
#4 написал: pamelbia2011 (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Idioms are really interesting because they are not readily understandable.? But once you get the meaning, it is nice to use them.
#5 написал: yersonkorn21 (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
hey whats up steve thanks a lot for all your videos really usefull , steve i have learnt english by myself translatings songs rap songs in fact iam rapper and everyday? i prove it with your wonderful videos but my request is can you tell me some idioms about the music , my name is yerson or my artistic name is mc-yen from colombia thank u
#6 написал: David Varadashvili (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Hello Steve! I'm from Georgia and my name is David. I want to say that your videos were so so helpful for me!? wanna to thank you for that and wish you good luck!
#7 написал: aksene (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Steve do you? know Russian???
#8 написал: Joyobede (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Thank you, Steve I have? learn so much from you. God bless.
#9 написал: Nata Shelopugina (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Вот это да!! (Wow!!) Thank you? Steve! You know Russian?i'm impressed. thanks a lot for the explanation. i was just watching another video of yours. I'm learning so much from them.You are an amazing teacher. Да, Ваши видео очень полезные, Вы так всем помогаете! Удачи Вам во всём! Наташа
#10 написал: PrivateEnglishPortal (28 сентября 2013 13:28)
Здравствуйте! In informal English many people use the pronoun 'their' to represent his/her. However, in academic English his/her? would be the only one commonly accepted. Я надеюсь, что это помогает вам! До свидания Steve