Learn English Lesson Super Easy #12 Things around the house!
26 сентября 2013

Learn English Lesson Super Easy #12 Things around the house!

Learn English Lesson Super Easy #12 Things around the house!
Super Easy English Lesson 21 things around the house. YES TEACHER PHIL ENGLISH IS HERE TO TEACH AMERICAN ACCENT REDUCTION ENGLISH TO YOU. You can learn English ESL second language from a real school native English teacher. IELTS is hard, TEOIC is difficult, so study free ESL English right here. Reduce your accent and practice for exams to get good marks! Read, write, speak and talk fluent accent reduced English! MA in TESOL, TEFL certificate, teach online classes, university college tuition learn Accent Reduction is hard but if you can listen carefully and practice speaking fluent accent-reduced English ESL you will learn English more effectively. School is expensive but free ESL language lesson videos are cheap! School teachers should be available for ESL training all time. Instruction is good at home, or online. Get those TOEIC exams finished! get a good mark! Study hard! Excel in English every day! Beat the school system! Free Teacher online! Free ENGLISH as a second language teacher accent reduction at home! Skype English Teacher too! Best English accent reducing teacher from a native speaking country Canada! Best teacher! Great free schooling to learn you native English tongue! ESL is the best! English as a Foreign language spoken fluently by native language ESL English teacher! English is the best language! Super teacher Phil is here to instruct English to the world! Phil Teacher is here! Easy marks on the test! super lesson! Watch the videos to learn fluent American English! English lessons should be studied every day for best exam marks! University TESOL certificate Read and write fluent American English! Learn English fluently and practice every day! IETLS is a breeze with quick lessons every day! Learn how to reduce your accent and get your TESOL certification masters in TESOL speak fluent American English, rather than British English, but either English is still English. We teach American Accent English right here. Idioms, verbs, nouns, accent reduction, you name it. Business English too. Corporate English? Yes. how about phrasal verbs? Well maybe. Teach English in China Korea Japan Vietnam Thailand Laos Italy South Korea South Dakota, yea right, TESOL courses TEFL course learn how to teach English Learn how to speak English Learn how to teach ESL EFL to children, adults, even weird people down the street. Teach English everywhere, on the corner, in school in University, in college. Teach at a University in Korea, make good money, easy job. Teach in China, make RMB good currency, better than USD I bet. Make good money in Vietnam, sort of, Teaching ESL English language after you get a CELTA otherwise they don't give you a work visa. Whatever, just teach anywhere,.
С видео Learn English Lesson Super Easy #12 Things around the house! изучение английского языка станет легким.
#1 написал: Jannie Boholt Nauta (28 сентября 2013 13:40)
the? criminels themself are ending the criminels way
#2 написал: superchruper100 (28 сентября 2013 13:40)
zajebiste :-)? = awsome in pl.
#3 написал: xvzw (28 сентября 2013 13:40)
I've just discovered your channel and I'm in love with it. Please keep up the? great work! I'd be glad to watch some videos of yours teaching american idioms and their meaning (in sentences).. can I ask what software are you using to record your videos ? Amin :)
#4 написал: cathyinvan (28 сентября 2013 13:40)