Learn English Practice Easy/Difficult Lesson #6
26 сентября 2013

Learn English Practice Easy/Difficult Lesson #6

Learn English Practice Easy/Difficult Lesson #6
Easy Mr. Peters is looking forward to his new job. He works at a factory that makes computer parts. His position is 'safety supervisor'. The safety supervisor is in charge of ensuring that all employees are acting as per the company safety guidelines. The biggest problem at the company is after hours fighting between employees. The factory has had some people get hurt when they crashed into machinery during a brawl. Mr. Peters plans to change this problem and keep employees from causing any more trouble. Difficult Mr. Peters is enthusiastic about his new employment. He is now employed by a semiconductor manufacturing facility. His designation is 'safety supervisor'. This job title involves superintending the employees and carrying out company safety policies. The most significant predicament facing him at this time is fighting among employees during after hours. The plant has suffered a number of casualties when they hurled into machinery during a scrap. Mr. Peters plans to nullify this problem and ensure the tribulation ends.
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