Learn English with Video - Top 20 English Verbs 4
26 сентября 2013

Learn English with Video - Top 20 English Verbs 4

Learn English with Video - Top 20 English Verbs 4
www.EnglishClass101.com/video Learn English with EnglishClass101.com! You've always wondered, will you dream in English? After learning English in America for only a short while and learning even more English vocabulary, you have seen and done more than you would have ever imagined—and with such ease. Not only have you been studying English, but you know that just listening to the English speakers around you has allowed you to assimilate the English language at the deepest levels. Now, even in sleep you'll be able to realize your dream of speaking English. This English video series is a brand new way to learn English. Learn everyday vocabulary and key verbs in this English video lesson. Read the English lesson notes to learn about the English present tense, present progressive tense, and simple past tense. Join us, and see what you've been missing! Visit us at EnglishClass101.com where you will find many more fantastic English lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there! Find out more, go to: www.englishclass101.com/2011/02/11/learn-with-pictures-and-video-s3-6-top-20-english-verbs-4/ www.EnglishClass101.com/video
Думаем, вам очень понравилось видео Learn English with Video - Top 20 English Verbs 4.
#1 написал: tatanyala (28 сентября 2013 14:00)
jkjhgj ?
#2 написал: ??t Nguy?n Ti?n (28 сентября 2013 14:00)
I'm sorry but i think this video is? boring !
#3 написал: Toktuk Rut (28 сентября 2013 14:00)
love english?
#4 написал: Richard BR (28 сентября 2013 14:00)
este video trata de: girl: ni?a people: personas go: ir come: venir women: mujer think:pensar answer: responder boy: ni?o los angeles:los angeles talk: hablar video camera : video camara JHON JAIRO RUIZ ATUESTA ? 7C
#5 написал: son calichi (28 сентября 2013 14:00)
good video....?