The role of English in the modern world
24 декабря 2022

Perhaps few would argue that by far the most versatile and sought-after international language is English. It is spoken by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It is the official national language in many countries, and most of the current colonies of the British Empire use it throughout the world. Test your English at

The role of English in the modern world

Why English is important and where to start.

The best education, business connections, all the latest technology in science and engineering are all tied to the English language. That's why you need to master at least conversational English to develop yourself. You can and should start with the basics of grammar, with an initial focus on verb tenses, in a general way: past; present; future.

Once you are more or less familiar with verb endings and the construction of basic sentences, both narrative and interrogative, you can move on to increasing your vocabulary by learning a few dozen words a day. There are a number of methods for this, which are quite abundant on the internet. It is also recommended to use movies in English online, which will help you to practice learning. The fact is that the study of any language, first and foremost practice, and its absence affects the memorization of the material.

Beginners problems in learning conversational English.

At the conversational level, it is very important to learn how to perceive the other person's voice the first time you hear them. If you listen to a native speaker or someone fluent in English, it may be that you won't understand what's being said, you simply can't make out the words in sentences. The fact is that at the initial stages, the human brain tries to translate sentences and while the mind is pulling the translation of words, sentence structures, etc., the person you're talking to may well have already finished speaking and while you were busy translating in your mind the first sentence, a long conversation is over, of course, what was said in the end remains a mystery.

The advantages of films in English when you learn English.

Regarding the English movies, they will help you perceive speech on the go, translating it automatically in your mind, and later you won't even need a translation as the dialogues will become clear to you intuitively. Pronunciation of words, slang expressions and abbreviations, with which the modern, particularly American English becomes rich, will be remembered. Additionally, it is worth noting the presence of subtitles in the native language, which at the beginning provide an invaluable service to those who have decided to learn English by watching movies.