Justice Served, Gaokao Style
30 июля 2013

Justice Served, Gaokao Style

Justice Served, Gaokao Style
The Goakao (aka, college entrance exams) is the most important exam of a Chinese student's life. Every year China publishes the essays written for the Gaokao...
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#1 написал: richdad360 (1 августа 2013 14:25)
You make a? excellent point.
#2 написал: richdad360 (1 августа 2013 14:25)
The author told the truth but I agree w/ the reasons the male reporter gave as to why he received a zero. ?
#3 написал: Ryan Thai (1 августа 2013 14:25)
I think this person is actually very smart to see what China is actually like and not like the rest of the brainwashed people. He actually wants to? try to show people the bad things of china many ppl somehow don't see since the communist gov. Doesn't want that out so I think he just wants to try at the. Very least to make china a better place .
#4 написал: 1982mockingbird1982 (1 августа 2013 14:25)
Ohh yeah. It makes no sense that the CCP would publish this. They are just ensuring more people read it and are more likely to be influenced by? it. Not to mention all the publicity this is attracting
#5 написал: 1982mockingbird1982 (1 августа 2013 14:25)
It took courage and selflessness to sacrifice his future to speak the truth. I still wish he would have commented on the more severe human rights violations that occur in China such as torture of? prisoners of conscience. But who knows, may be he isnt aware of those things yet, or may be they would have been too off topic. I hope someone from a "free" country helps him find opportunities elsewhere.
#6 написал: Carl Sharp (1 августа 2013 14:25)
If it were possible to sponsor this young man into? as American university, I would do it in a heartbeat. Many professors love having the student who is willing to stand up, speak his mind and sometimes tweak society's nose
#7 написал: azuresea00 (1 августа 2013 14:25)
it could also? be that the grader/graders are agreeing and in giving him zero points it would be published so the society can read it but the grader won't get punished. they could claim that the zero is because he insulted the society as a whole. maybe it's an ingenious move on the grader's part? i'm not agreeing to giving him zero, but it could be like that...
#8 написал: repivonex (1 августа 2013 14:25)
He, indeed, is successful at pissing the CCP off. Nonetheless, seriously speaking, the essay? is, too, indeed, off-topic.
#9 написал: Snoozy O (1 августа 2013 14:25)
Courageous, intelligent? young man. He has my deep-felt respect.
#10 написал: Yvonne T (1 августа 2013 14:25)
Wow, that? student is incredibly brave. I really hope that this essay can trigger something although I highly doubt it :/