Business English Vocabulary - CUSTOMER & CLIENT
30 июля 2013

Business English Vocabulary - CUSTOMER & CLIENT

Business English Vocabulary - CUSTOMER & CLIENT In your business, do you have customers or clients? What's the difference, anyway? Learn more in this short but informative lesson, th...
Видео Business English Vocabulary - CUSTOMER & CLIENT станет хорошим помощником в изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: Ahad Gurbanov (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Thanks Rebecca.You speech is very well.It is easy? to unerstand you.
#2 написал: donna pel (1 августа 2013 06:53)
you teach very well.just? a clarification.Some doctors are consultant.Is it really grammatically wrong to call the patients clients?isn't it that some patients come to doctors for plain consultation only? can we safely call them clients?
#3 написал: D?bora Balduino (1 августа 2013 06:53)
You are great!!!!:)?
#4 написал: Simon Mohamed (1 августа 2013 06:53)
isthe first to me to enter her i found? you have an able way to explain this great language i like that and thank you very much for the help.
#5 написал: GREEN MAN (1 августа 2013 06:53)
wow,? great..
#6 написал: Zahra pakro (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Hello Rebecca Thank you for your teach , you are very kind and good teacher . I 'll try to learn English but I forget the word and i try to remember ,i am 58 years and maybe it is about my age, thank you for your help? and i wish you and your family the best and heath.
#7 написал: TheMuddaser (1 августа 2013 06:53)
i like? the way you teach
#8 написал: TheMuddaser (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Love? you
#9 написал: Ricardo Ramirez (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Thank you for sharing? this lesson, very enlightening
#10 написал: Anara Zhakupova (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Thanks a lot. Very brief, structured video. My question, how? do you call "client or customer" a person, who are buying services and product in one, such as branded shade/umbrella with logo of "clients or customers" company? Logo was also created for "client or customer" by same company provided shade/umbrella