How to change Basic English into Business English
30 июля 2013

How to change Basic English into Business English

How to change Basic English into Business English Want to get that job? Improve your image? Sound more professional? Learn how to transform simple English words to business English voc...
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#1 написал: Anton Chikov (1 августа 2013 06:53)
I work with a business english every day. Thank? you so much for useful information.
#2 написал: Luis Cabre (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Excellent Video....It's? useful for me...Thanks..!!
#3 написал: jurgenzitrone (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Great video.Thanks for posting .im looking? forward to see new videos
#4 написал: Juana Pedraza (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Thanks ? :)
#5 написал: M.Angeles Izquierdo Lz. de Munain (1 августа 2013 06:53)
I am reviewing my rusty English watching your videos and all of them are very? useful for me. Thank you from the Basque Country (Spain).
#6 написал: Johnny Rei (1 августа 2013 06:53)
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#7 написал: Widiawati Vd (1 августа 2013 06:53)
I currently studying At Business management. This? session really useful :) thanks
#8 написал: Pablo Nicholas Lopez Fajardo (1 августа 2013 06:53)
You are the best? Rebecca, you rock the Engvid web page.. thanks for such a beautiful job you have done there.. hugs from South America
#9 написал: Diaulas (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Great! :D?
#10 написал: Tarek Hasan (1 августа 2013 06:53)
a1 techer? i like her most