Learning English - OCTOBER 2012 MESSAGE
7 августа 2013

Learning English - OCTOBER 2012 MESSAGE

Learning English - OCTOBER 2012 MESSAGE
A special message and some information about the month of OCTOBER. Recorded on 2nd October 2012. In Misterduncan's back garden in Wolverhampton. On a windy and wet autumnal day.
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#1 написал: Alexander Urresty (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Greetings from? Narnia. interesting classes.
#2 написал: Lifeng Chen (9 августа 2013 08:05)
You are really outstanding! I cannot imagine how many hours do you spend working on these fascinating videos. When most people unwind themselves on a cozy bed, yet you are? working hard to contribute these great lessons to us. You set good example for me, just like learning in English, perseverance is the most important aspect of learning English. Thank you!!!
#3 написал: Edwardraj Arockiasamy (9 августа 2013 08:05)
lessons are? so useful for me ,thank you so much misterduncan.
#4 написал: Palmyra Rameikiene (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Greetings from Lithuania.Do you know that small Baltic country? I'm learning from your lessons no only English but even? history because your videos are very useful for me, especially about Britain, I am e teacher of history. Live and prosper long. Thanks.
#5 написал: Mohammed Al-Khalifeeh (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Many thanks for our fantastic teacher. I am writing for u from a? very far place in the top of mountains. Bedouins students but they like u so much and they say to u a big hello
#6 написал: Emad Mohamed (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Great lessons, thanks a? lot for your easy way.
#7 написал: melon580219 (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Thanks a lot. I am an English teacher and I am repeating all you? have written! It is very usefull, a question: When to use It is... It?s Again. Thanks Mr. Duncan.
#8 написал: Marcia Alonso (9 августа 2013 08:05)
I've LOVED Your English lessons. Although I'm latin your lessons have helped me learn a lot of things. I also have a question regarding English: Why do we have to capitalize the I whenever? we write?
#9 написал: alcolo176 (9 августа 2013 08:05)
keep up the good work professor Duncan...I like ur accent !! thanks for ur time and effort making all? these useful videos...
#10 написал: rafael cabello (9 августа 2013 08:05)
Mr. Duncan, you are amazing and you have a great skill to teach without using only the corporal expression. Very gooood job, congratulations, Mr Duncan!!! ?