"OFF" Phrasal Verbs - Business English
30 июля 2013

"OFF" Phrasal Verbs - Business English

'OFF' Phrasal Verbs - Business English
www.engvid.com/ Learn these common business English phrasal verbs with "OFF" that will help you understand business and financial discussions in Engli...
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#1 написал: Anh Nguyen (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Please? CC
#2 написал: Rose Mary (1 августа 2013 06:53)
you are? really gr8 James. My greetings to you and to your worm 2.
#3 написал: Arun Upadhyay (1 августа 2013 06:53)
yeah....this time he didn't write engvid.com? at the end of video.. hy this time he must have forgotten.. we love to see writing engvid.. dont forget sir..
#4 написал: tree kee (1 августа 2013 06:53)
not good?
#5 написал: SAL?H Kepke (1 августа 2013 06:53)
automatic subtitle is not runnig in this? video. pls help!!
#6 написал: thuro100 (1 августа 2013 06:53)
to fire sb is like to? sack sb am i right?
#7 написал: Maxi98016 (1 августа 2013 06:53)
PLEASE don't hate this comment, but can't? he get a smaller microphone? it's 2013 man!
#8 написал: Deyanira Rivera (1 августа 2013 06:53)
Hello James! I really like your website and the way you teach. And I was wondering if you have videos for beguiners, so? that way I could have a helpful review of my English and start correcting all mistake I have done trying to improving it. Please send me your answer to my email: [email protected]
#9 написал: Chau Tr?n (1 августа 2013 06:53)
i like all your lesson? is good thanks
#10 написал: Chau Tr?n (1 августа 2013 06:53)
you are good? teacher but can you speak slowly?