Hurricane Sandy - American English Pronunciation
30 июля 2013

Hurricane Sandy - American English Pronunciation

Hurricane Sandy - American English Pronunciation
Subscribe!, ESL: After hurricane Sandy, I spent time with friends and shot this foo...
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#1 написал: Awdaly Saleh (1 августа 2013 08:29)
Thank you so much? .
#2 написал: 919copacabana (1 августа 2013 08:29)
#3 написал: david muniz (1 августа 2013 08:29)
So I am studying everyday your videos because I want learn a new language. Thanks Rachael for opportunity and? have a nice week.
#4 написал: Rachel's English (1 августа 2013 08:29)
Stress on the first syllable is the British pronunciation, on the last, the American pronunciation. ?
#5 написал: Clarissa Joy (1 августа 2013 08:29)
So there are 2? ways of pronouncing hurricane? Cause I also heard hurricane being pronounced as hurricn. But I'd definitely prefer it as hurriCANE.
#6 написал: Rockw61 (1 августа 2013 08:29)
nice vid?
#7 написал: superpeachlove (1 августа 2013 08:29)
I'm studying English and I was trying to find some nice videos about American English pronunciation and I love your videos so much. AWESOME. great job Rachel. I'd like to watch all of? your videos:)
#8 написал: Chang Hung-wen (1 августа 2013 08:29)
It's really a very nice clip!!!! Every topic you talked about? is very useful!!
#9 написал: Doy Tei (1 августа 2013 08:29)
thanks from? Vietnam!
#10 написал: horatio norris (1 августа 2013 08:29)
Kd Wrh?
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