Tips for writing English Sentences
30 июля 2013

Tips for writing English Sentences

Tips for writing English Sentences
As short video looking at ways to improve your writing in English. Here, we're looking at sentence-level strategies. Developed by Aim for English in Jakarta ...
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#1 написал: satya narayana (1 августа 2013 08:37)
One thing I have understood in Life is, 1) If I think positive, I feel Good Immediately 2) If I think negative, I feel Bad Immediately Then I analyzed, what? is Thinking? Answer I found was? "Thinking is just a play of words, words & words" Think about the word "Problem" and "Challenge". Both say same thing, but the? later feels good and former bad. Infact, I am using a iPhone called "iVocab" by Lokesh Hanumappa which helps me in a terrrifc way to learn words and track feelings of the words.
#2 написал: Janhavi Hasabnis (1 августа 2013 08:37)
Thanks for good information. I have a question, "He was shocked that there was no opulence". -> what is the type of sentence structure? here and why we can't write just "He shocked" in the above sentence?
#3 написал: kyziolpiotr (1 августа 2013 08:37)
One site worth considering for learning English is sunphrase(dot)com . The newly founded website has writing support system that enable to write quicker, HOW TO USE: Write here your key words of your sentence that you want to write in english (make sure that English language is choosen). E.g. like would => Then? in the main window there will be displayed sentences with this key words.
#4 написал: Brainmass Helps (1 августа 2013 08:37)
Thanks for the info - great help. ?
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