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30 июля 2013

Colour Idioms | Learn English | Idioms

Colour Idioms | Learn English | Idioms
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  Colour Idioms | Learn English | Idioms
#1 написал: Sushil Kumar (1 августа 2013 09:59)
really outstanding?
#2 написал: Ricardas Iluvataru (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Man you are? great i really like you amazing video lessons. Bless you.
#3 написал: Matteo Bonsante (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Well Richard, these your lessons are perfect . Beautiful and attractive. And it is like a walking into a museum. And the English language is learned with pleasure and without abstruse rules. Bravo Richard, through ? your beautiful and warm voice the English language become very musical Because of you I always like the English language! Best wishes, Mat I apologize for my English.
#4 написал: ThienBinhTG (1 августа 2013 09:59)
i think that? your opinion is very good and useful
#5 написал: circe2015 (1 августа 2013 09:59)
VERY VERY WONDERFUL! A? lesson really nice. Yours is the best site ever visited. many thanks
#6 написал: goldsleeves (1 августа 2013 09:59)
I applaud your efforts sir! The? material you present is always of high quality and designed in a very appealing and interesting way.
#7 написал: MrTESOLdictionary (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Great stuff!? I found it a very well made and informative video with lots and lots of useful idioms related to colour.
#8 написал: EnglischLernen (1 августа 2013 09:59)
#9 написал: Douae Ahmad (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Thank you very much..? Ouf, I won't be a black sheep for my teacher anymore and she will never give me a black look in her class. You're right, every cloud has a silver lining.. Yeah! I won't be yellow in the English class. Big thank teacher from Morocco ^^ :D
#10 написал: farizelizade333 (1 августа 2013 09:59)
I am in the? red
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