take phrasal verbs
30 июля 2013

take phrasal verbs

take phrasal verbs
www.skype-lessons.com/lang-en/content/12-phrasal-verb-dictionary FOR QUIZZES AND PHRASAL VERB FUN! An explanation of the meaning of the most common ph...
Благодаря видео take phrasal verbs можно быстро изучить английский язык.
#1 написал: Sofia Lourenco (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Hi, could you give me some exemples of this phrases verbs please: take to, take your breath away, take it for granted and take? it in your stride. thank you i m looking forward to hearing from you.
#2 написал: AngelaGaby Zavaleta (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Thank you very much indeed. You? are a very good teacher. I have to say that I hate phrasal verbs with a passion but I have learnt a lot with your videos. Thank you.
#3 написал: MMAKSA2011 (1 августа 2013 09:59)
pretty? good effort. good on you mate!
#4 написал: MrSkypelessons (1 августа 2013 09:59)
You clearly ''took in'' everything I said without any problems. :) Well Done! ?
#5 написал: Andrea Tombolini (1 августа 2013 09:59)
wow that was a lot to? take in! :) thanks for your clear explanation and keep the good work up!
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