English Idioms - Family
30 июля 2013

English Idioms - Family

English Idioms - Family
www.englishwithjo.com English Idioms - learn idioms, slang expressions and phrases that you can use when speaking about the subject of family.
Видео English Idioms - Family станет хорошим помощником в изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: Minh Le (1 августа 2013 09:59)
i think, this suggest is good but if write on the board this not good . As you learn English? . the best don't look at by eyes but use your ear
#2 написал: MyOOdream Charon (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Can you write those phrases on? the screen? It'll be easier for beginners like me. Thanks so much for videos. They are reallly helpful.
#3 написал: Sridhar Maisa (1 августа 2013 09:59)
interesting !! ?
#4 написал: de irislyfe (1 августа 2013 09:59)
@englishwithjo please use "subtitles" on the video, it really help, and thank you for? your efforts
#5 написал: inanme (1 августа 2013 09:59)
i could not agree more. Although i truly appreciate Miss Jo's effort, it? is absolute that she should write them down.
#6 написал: EnglishForTwo (1 августа 2013 09:59)
i love the 'push my buttons'. great idea!?
#7 написал: englishwithjo (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Dear LePhanVN, thank you for the suggestion.? I will do this in my future videos. Best wishes, Jo
#8 написал: LePhanVN (1 августа 2013 09:59)
dear Ms.Jo! i wish you could write those idioms down? on board or screen. thank u very much indeed:)
#9 написал: englishwithjo (1 августа 2013 09:59)
Thanks for your comment Julia.?
#10 написал: Julia Garc?a (1 августа 2013 09:59)
thank you Jo!!! you are genial at? the videos!!!!!!!!!!
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