Rule # 3 For Excellent English Speaking: Listen First
30 июля 2013

Rule # 3 For Excellent English Speaking: Listen First

Rule # 3 For Excellent English Speaking: Listen First
Rule # 3 For Excellent English Speaking: Listen First
Видео Rule # 3 For Excellent English Speaking: Listen First очень пригодится в изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: elham mekky (1 августа 2013 10:31)
it's an amazing videos course , but i want to ask one? question plz anyone see my comment think to help me ,, what should i do if i don't understand one or some words in any video in english ?? note : if i can't understand one or more words i i feel Frustration ... thanks from egypt :)
#2 написал: el39dady (1 августа 2013 10:31)
why everybody in these? videos are talking so slow like we are retarded. It suppose to be for excellent English? speakers!!! This is actually too annoying for me to watch this.
#3 написал: s.ruqaiyya Mukhtar (1 августа 2013 10:31)
wow great job? people!!!!!!!!!!!you the "for excellent English speaking" people have come forward with full preparation.Your pronunciation, the pauses the rise and fall,and most importantly the rules are interesting and applicable too.well done
#4 написал: mysherrypie (1 августа 2013 10:31)
Where can I find adoptive English parents who can? talk to me and I listen to them speak the whole day for six months?
#5 написал: Joel del orbe (1 августа 2013 10:31)
kisses and? hugs to you all, wao, thanks
#6 написал: Charlie Stud (1 августа 2013 10:31)
Most of the people who have money, they paid? for private teacher and of matter of one year they speak a very professional good English, fernando valenzuela, Salma hayek, Chakira, and many others paid for a personal private English teacher, all of them speak perfect English, other way is to marry an American good looking Blondy lady you will be speaking right away.......
#7 написал: Rochester Oliveira (1 августа 2013 10:31)
which won't makes sense since? they are trying to get the ones who doesn't speak (and listen) English really well yet.. []'s
#8 написал: Sadheer Brave (1 августа 2013 10:31)
thank you for video.? its very helpful for me.
#9 написал: MrMerox33 (1 августа 2013 10:31)
Has anybody experience? with their english course which they? promote?
#10 написал: rothkoaintdead (1 августа 2013 10:31)
don't read. don't speak.? don't think. just listen listen listen.
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