What Are Nouns? | Learn English | Grammar
30 июля 2013

What Are Nouns? | Learn English | Grammar

What Are Nouns? | Learn English | Grammar
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  What Are Nouns? | Learn English | Grammar
#1 написал: juampy Quintana (1 августа 2013 10:41)
It is not as easy as you show it. The indefinite articles, they do not depend on the next letter. It is important to know that it all depends on phonetics....? what would happen with the word UNION ? we cannot say AN UNION because we have a linking J in the middle of the words. And what would happen with HONEST ? If we follow your explanation, we may write the indefinite article A, but in this case the first phoneme pronounced is a silence one , so instead of writting A , we should write AN
#2 написал: nitro855 (1 августа 2013 10:41)
that scream scared the shit? out of me
#3 написал: victor alex surco cano (1 августа 2013 10:41)
is very interested this video?
#4 написал: surya mani (1 августа 2013 10:41)
thx ?
#5 написал: AToN19W98 (1 августа 2013 10:41)
So? good!
#6 написал: beakf1 (1 августа 2013 10:41)
Scream is a noun and a verb.I learn t that on the video just before this.Sometimes a noun can be used as a? verb.Noun = Brush (name) Verb = I brush my long hair (action).I wish i paid more attention at school.I was more interested in learning slang works like "I will brook you up" meaning i will beat you.My school years were about survival not learning.What a waste.
#7 написал: beakf1 (1 августа 2013 10:41)
God this was so boring my eyes kept wondering to the paint drying in the corner for? entertainment,but i did learn from it.Thank you :)
#8 написал: Ngh?a Nguy?n Tr?n ??i (1 августа 2013 10:41)
I believe he mentioned the word 'tins'? not those tins :)
#9 написал: John abhram (1 августа 2013 10:41)
A scream? was heard that shattered the silence. Int this sentence scream is a noun :D
#10 написал: wehate freemasons (1 августа 2013 10:41)
hah???i can`t` speak english propely..please help me? to improve my english learning
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