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Houston Welcomes Scarlet Spider, Marvel Comics Crime Fighter
30 июля 2013

Houston Welcomes Scarlet Spider, Marvel Comics Crime Fighter

Houston Welcomes Scarlet Spider, Marvel Comics Crime Fighter
Comic book creators are working to increase readership. One way is to bring comic book characters and their stories to different parts of the United States. Recently, comic book fans filled the 8th Dimension comic book store in Houston, Texas. They wanted to meet the creator of the new Marvel Comics series Scarlet Spider. The series takes place in Houston. WOMAN: "On behalf of the city of Houston, thank y'all for incorporating us." Eighteen-year-old Stephanie Burgess recognizes some areas pictured in Scarlet Spider. STEPHANIE BURGESS: "Like, looking through this was pretty cool because I see some of the buildings, they look pretty familiar." Store owner Jeremy Bulloch is happy about having a comic book story set in his hometown. JEREMY BULLOCH: "I own a comic shop, but first and foremost I am a comic book fan. So as a fan I am super-excited that this is going on." Christopher Yost wrote the new Scarlet Spider series. CHRISTOPHER YOST: "Houston felt like a good place because a) it's a place that the Marvel universe really hasn't seen before, and b) it's, you know, with its proximity to Mexico, with its proximity to the Gulf, it's just, like, a lot of new opportunities." Should adults be concerned about children reading comic books? The answer is no, if you ask teacher and comic book fan Debbie Cook. DEBBIE COOK: "Reading is reading, whatever you can do to get them to be better at reading, understanding - I encourage them to read anything they can." I'm June Simms.
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#1 написал: Derpy Hooves (1 августа 2013 13:24)
I? just did tabletop gaming day there! I loved it.
#2 написал: SuperChromeFireFox (1 августа 2013 13:24)
#3 написал: jason centnar (1 августа 2013 13:24)
HAHA yyyyeaaaa...i'v been at? that shop XD
#4 написал: Sabir Mirza (1 августа 2013 13:24)
good ?
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