US Charity Builds Libraries in Indonesia
30 июля 2013

US Charity Builds Libraries in Indonesia

US Charity Builds Libraries in Indonesia
From Children in Western Sumatra love books. An American charity is building libraries around Indonesia including this one in Padang. Fiolisa Anggraini is a student there. "What I like most from this new library is the books, good books ... they really can improve my knowledge." The charity, The World is Just a Book Away, has built many libraries in Indonesia since 2009. University of Southern California professor James Owens started the group. He says children need books. JAMES OWENS: "They go to school, and they learn and they're very smart. They don't have access to books -- history and fables and stories and science -- that can really spark their imagination and let them dream." The libraries cost up to $10,000 to build. Students at the University of Southern California recently raised $8,000 for the latest library. Stephanie Wetzel helped in the effort. STEPHANIE WETZEL: "We take reading so for granted here and I think that people really want the opportunity to be able to give reading literacy to other children who don't have that." Teacher Amril Lasmana says the library has helped his children in Padang. "The enthusiasm, interest, and motivation of our students in learning increased. The library building has been renewed. And now, it's in good and clean condition, so it motivates our students to study." Two mobile libraries bring books to many other schools in the area. Student Lisa Andriyani Putri says the books will help her develop her mind. "I'm very happy with this new library. It makes me want to keep studying, so I can be a good person in the future." The World is Just a Book Away has built 49 libraries for Indonesian children and 26 libraries for adults.
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#1 написал: nguyen ba canh (1 августа 2013 13:31)
fables: truyen ngu ngon spark: cham ngoi granted: duoc phep opportunity: co hoi literacy: biet chu enthusiasm, interest, and motivation: nhiet tinh, quan tam,? dong luc adults: nguoi lon
#2 написал: Chikacan98 (1 августа 2013 13:31)
@shoeupon67 only at Jakarta and not from? sea. I think it will receding in a few weeks
#3 написал: anh9x5893 (1 августа 2013 13:31)
amazing :D ?
#4 написал: Casimiro Morales (1 августа 2013 13:31)
Esta? muy bien
#5 написал: shoeupon67 (1 августа 2013 13:31)
--------SOS? --Any in INDONESIA, tell me is your INDONESIA sinking, is SEA WATER coming in, are you having flooding and the water is NOT receding ???????? PLEASE answer me somebody thank you.
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