Learn English Vocabulary #3 TO
2 августа 2013

Learn English Vocabulary #3 TO

Learn English Vocabulary #3  TO
www.english-quickly.com/learn-English-vocabulary.html has words 1 to 1000. Come learn quickly!
Видео Learn English Vocabulary #3 TO будет полезно людям, желающим выучить английский язык.
#1 написал: QuicklyLearnEnglish (4 августа 2013 06:16)
Thank you so much for the nice comment.? I'm so glad that you might be watching more of my news. I try to give more examples with my lessons because I want students to just get a feel for English. Some of the rules and grammar are important, but getting used to a native speaker is more important. I also did a video where I was thinking of you. I made one about Free music from Youtube. If you get a chance, let me if it is helpful to you. Take care, DAvid
#2 написал: adina r. thomas (4 августа 2013 06:16)
it's o.k. but could be a little ambigious, because at the the start off you correctly? stated that in general terms "to" would mean in direction to- ok but then TO START here to is used to form the infinitive your lessons are very helpful though you have inspired me to reading the News and that's a challenge
#3 написал: iskandar19750 (4 августа 2013 06:16)
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