English Vocabulary: "OR" Or "NOR"
2 августа 2013

English Vocabulary: "OR" Or "NOR"

English Vocabulary: 'OR' Or 'NOR'
www.ESLEnglishAcademy.com For many people -- especially ESL students -- the difference between "or" and "nor" is subtle and therefore difficult. In th...
Видео English Vocabulary: "OR" Or "NOR" окажет помощь в самостоятельном изучении английского языка.
#1 написал: ESLEnglishFaby (4 августа 2013 06:15)
Wahib, You are so very welcome! thank you so much for watching my videos! I hope the? videos help you improve your English! Lots of love, Faby xoxoxo
#2 написал: wahib kad (4 августа 2013 06:15)
thanks Faby for this lesson .before I confused between? either..or / neither ..nor now it's clear for me hot kisses
#3 написал: ESLEnglishFaby (4 августа 2013 06:15)
Mmsm2014, You are so welcome! I hope you are enjoying the videos and learning everything you can about English! Please make sure that you subscribe to my channel! Also, don't forget to leave your homework! Thanks again! Lots of love, Faby xoxoxo?
#4 написал: mmsm2014mm (4 августа 2013 06:15)
Thank you so much It's really? a useful lesson
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