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The best English 65. Teaching English conversation.
2 августа 2013

The best English 65. Teaching English conversation.

The best English  65. Teaching English conversation.
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Видео The best English 65. Teaching English conversation. делает английский язык более простым.
#1 написал: Robert Lawag (4 августа 2013 06:17)
The best videos could you please send me more, thanks so much I? love it...
#2 написал: thГўn hoan (4 августа 2013 06:17)
ok.. ?
#3 написал: Nuh Yamin (4 августа 2013 06:17)
I'm waiting for 66?
#4 написал: Radzimierz1 (4 августа 2013 06:17)
Fantastic lessons!?
#5 написал: ZAROUAL YOUSSEF (4 августа 2013 06:17)
It's the? first day of the month Ramadan in my country,I have to take care of breakfast to be ready in time of dusk,also I have to take care of My pray ,It's really important too,I think I have plenty of things I have to do them this day,the problem is I feel a little hungry and thirsty, let's not spend a lot of energy until dusk and everything will be OK.
#6 написал: Almustapha Abba (4 августа 2013 06:17)
Totally? beautiful
#7 написал: Alla A (4 августа 2013 06:17)
#8 написал: amine chrkawi (4 августа 2013 06:17)
I were wandering if I can say "I am thirsty for the next lesson",Ok, let me first answer the question of the lesson,actually I have one thing I take care about it, It's my studding of English,Maybe I must take care about the? other things,I hope to reach what I want from this language .
#9 написал: О”О·ОјО®П„ПЃО№ОїП‚ О”О№ПЃП‡О±О»ОЇОґО·П‚ (4 августа 2013 06:17)
I take care? to the number five below your video.
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