Learning English -- Lesson Fifteen (SLANG)
7 августа 2013

Learning English -- Lesson Fifteen (SLANG)

Learning English -- Lesson Fifteen  (SLANG)
In this lesson we look at English slang.
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#1 написал: Kar bhaji (9 августа 2013 08:02)
I studied english in London, 4 years ago, so im afraid to forget it, cause i live in latinoamerica, closed from Usa, and i dont like american english, so I try? to watch programms like u
#2 написал: Kar bhaji (9 августа 2013 08:02)
love british? english,
#3 написал: hassan shimeri (9 августа 2013 08:02)
awesome ?
#4 написал: nahuelouzza (9 августа 2013 08:02)
Hello Misterduncan. I think there's a typo in the transcription around minute 1:33. I'm not sure but I think it should be 'its' (meaning possession) instead of 'it's'. I hope to not have any mistake in this message. :) And I hope you keep on with these lessons. I'm very happy to have? found as good a teacher as you. Ta ta for now!
#5 написал: Jessica Walls (9 августа 2013 08:02)
Wow! I'm just i wanna hug with this lessons.?
#6 написал: Israa Alazawy (9 августа 2013 08:02)
Many thanks Misterduncan? for this lessen , it is very important .
#7 написал: raafat kamel (9 августа 2013 08:02)
thank you i admire you you are anexellant? teacher
#8 написал: john daniel Sanchez (9 августа 2013 08:02)
In? Philippines, some people describe their woman or some girls as "chicks" LOL :)
#9 написал: fatima9964 (9 августа 2013 08:02)
cool ?
#10 написал: Thi?n Nguy?n (9 августа 2013 08:02)
"that's? bona" wow, "bona" in Esperanto is good :))
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