Learning English-Lesson Fifty (Samuel Johnson)
7 августа 2013

Learning English-Lesson Fifty (Samuel Johnson)

Learning English-Lesson Fifty (Samuel Johnson)
(RE-UPLOADED IN MPEG-2 FORMAT) In this lesson we take a look at the life the man who compiled the first ever definitive version of the English Dictionary...Dr Samuel Johnson.
Смотрите видео Learning English-Lesson Fifty (Samuel Johnson) и вы быстро изучите английский язык.
#1 написал: Navid Tafrishyan (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Thank you very much.You? are great.
#2 написал: Paul Duhaime (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Bravo! Me too I have watched 50 videos and this one? is a great one. I hope so to watch others awesome videos. I keep on. You are a great teacher. From a french canadian.
#3 написал: Sriram R (9 августа 2013 08:03)
I am saying Thank you very mcuh from my? bottom of the heart for teaching English.
#4 написал: Lu Zhang (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Misterduncan, you are the best!always?
#5 написал: Nelisco Gipson (9 августа 2013 08:03)
I like the dictionary so much...truly speaking,I didn't know its origin.Thanks Mr.Duncan,the lesson? was a real eye opener.
#6 написал: Vinicius Paiva (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Your clases are so Good , thank you? mister Duncan
#7 написал: Vinicius Paiva (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Tour classes? are so Food, thank Young mister duncan
#8 написал: Marcos Vig (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Thank you ?
#9 написал: Anderson Godinho (9 августа 2013 08:03)
Good staff. Ta.?
#10 написал: khalil Ahmad (9 августа 2013 08:03)
sir Mr Dancan, you really impress me .i could? not find such a english teacher in pak like you.thanks a lot. May Allah Bless you. from RABWAH PAKISTAN.
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