Egg Idioms from The Teacher at
30 июля 2013

Egg Idioms from The Teacher at

Egg Idioms from The Teacher at
In this video the Teacher highlights these idioms: He's a bad egg Don't put all of your eggs in one basket He's got egg on his face
Видео Egg Idioms from The Teacher at очень пригодится тем, кто хочет выучить английский язык.
#1 написал: megi345 (1 августа 2013 07:47)
Learning? english idioms has never been nicer to me !!!!
#2 написал: yumi7301 (1 августа 2013 07:47)
How interesting! While laughing, I remembered the idioms which will stay in my head forever. Thank you? for the amazing lesson!! I'll be busy seeing other videos you made.
#3 написал: Filipe Felisbino (1 августа 2013 07:47)
Here in Brazil, Lula is a bad egg ;) good work guys?
#4 написал: Truc Bui (1 августа 2013 07:47)
He? so funny, that's make me remember all the things he teachs.great.
#5 написал: KaranfiLL88 (1 августа 2013 07:47)
Oh my God! A comment from? the teacher!!!!! WE LIKE YOU!!!!! :)
#6 написал: bbclearningenglish (1 августа 2013 07:47)
Have you ever ended up? with egg on your face? Do you put all your eggs in one basket? I'd love to hear your stories! The Teacher.
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