IDIOMS lesson 1 'Animals'
14 августа 2013

IDIOMS lesson 1 'Animals'

IDIOMS lesson 1 'Animals'
Here is my first lesson explaining how we use 10 different idioms, all connected to the theme of animals. The level is upper intermediate. Please ask questio...
Благодаря видео IDIOMS lesson 1 'Animals' учить английский язык очень легко.
#1 написал: emad afifi (16 августа 2013 08:50)
thanks for? your effort
#2 написал: MrSkypelessons (16 августа 2013 08:50)
Thanks very much for such kind words! Here are some corrections.. I am becoming** I'll get a great mark? in my exam** more and more videos** Good luck in the exam!
#3 написал: Semyon Galtsev (16 августа 2013 08:50)
You're right on the money.? :)
#4 написал: Marcos Ferreira (16 августа 2013 08:50)
Could you explain more the? expression " let sleeping dogs lie"? I did not understand it. Thank you for the class.
#5 написал: Adel InWondefulWorld (16 августа 2013 08:50)
Hello, Mr.Nicholls. I'd like to ask you something. I'm learning English on my own, and it is quite difficult to train my pronounciation without practise. I'm also quite shy and can't just go asking people for their skype nicknames and practising with them. Maybe you know some internet sources where I can train pronounciation (I'd like to hear your choices). Thank you in advance?
#6 написал: MrSkypelessons (16 августа 2013 08:50)
It means to NOT talk about something (in the past, often a secret) because it will cause a problem. E.g your friend has forgotten that he owes you some money, but you decide to let sleeping dogs lie (say nothing) because you'd rather not? embarrass or upset them.
#7 написал: MrSkypelessons (16 августа 2013 08:50)
Hi? Nargiz. I am very happy that you like them. Lots more coming next week on lots of different themes.
#8 написал: MrSkypelessons (16 августа 2013 08:50)
My choice would be to hire an online teacher, like myself :) However, if you mean 'how can I train my pronunciation for free', then I would watch lots of English films/TV, listen to English music and find friends from English speaking countries. However, friends rarely correct you and this is why hiring a teacher is a? good idea.
#9 написал: Nargiz Ak (16 августа 2013 08:50)
Hi. I`m from Azerbaijan. I like your lessons very much. Thanks? for such free tutorials!
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