Ice Skating - Sport Idioms from The Teacher at
30 июля 2013

Ice Skating - Sport Idioms from The Teacher at

Ice Skating - Sport Idioms from The Teacher at
Three idiomatic phrases connected with the sport of ice skating: Get your skates on; Skating on thin ice; Skating over something
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#1 написал: Tereljmaa (1 августа 2013 07:49)
Thanks teacher!?
#2 написал: ilenanewmoon (1 августа 2013 07:49)
very very? very lol!!!
#3 написал: AlyandAjitaly94 (1 августа 2013 07:49)
That's Awesome xD O me spieghi come fai a? fa il fiolo? xD 78violet rock <3
#4 написал: vivitolo (1 августа 2013 07:49)
great job?
#5 написал: marwat200 (1 августа 2013 07:49)
its very? very very very very very excellent way to teach someone
#6 написал: 111saudi111dude (1 августа 2013 07:49)
how LAME was that . if i was in his? place i would rather DIE
#7 написал: bbclearningenglish (1 августа 2013 07:49)
Hello. I want you to post your own video here in which you? teach us what an idiom in your language means in English. Anyone who makes a video will get a personal postcard from me sent to your home. I can't wait to see your videos! The Teacher.
#8 написал: MayDayUT (1 августа 2013 07:49)
get ur skates on ... to treat someone be more quicker, doing risky things -? skating on thin ice, skating over - to miss or pretend do not notice ....
#9 написал: Matt Maxwell (1 августа 2013 07:49)
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#10 написал: stlee5713 (1 августа 2013 07:49)
it's so funny?
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