Learn English Lesson #3 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)
24 сентября 2013

Learn English Lesson #3 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)

Learn English Lesson #3 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)
Foraging for food is an activity gaining in popularity across the globe. Not only does finding food in the forest afford the forager free meals, it also provides valuable exercise. The cleanest air on the planet is found in woodland areas; many city dwellers find time to visit the rural areas to take in the fresh cool breeze. Foraging can also find nature's best water from streams, rivers and springs. Spring water provides a complete source of minerals for the body to rebuild. This clean, high-mineral water helps detoxify the body from unwanted heavy metals such as mercury and lead that compete for binding sites in the body. The exercise from hiking in the wilderness cleans the body by sweating and inhaling large quantities of oxygen. Hard exercise causes increased adenosine triphosphate (ATP), leading to the production of new, healthy cells. These cells are stronger than the previous cells and can repair faster and allow the body to live longer! What is foraging? Foraging is finding food in the woods. What else can you do in the woods? I can go hiking and find water in the woods. Why is spring water good? Spring water contains good minerals for the body. What competes for binding sites in the body? Lead and mercury compete for binding sites. Use the word 'afford' in two sentences. I can afford to buy a car because I have enough money. My car affords me the ability to drive to work.
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I hope you know how much we appreciate your videos. Keep up the great,? wonderful and exceptionally valuable work that you do! Thank you and have a great week:)
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