Learn English Lesson #1 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)
24 сентября 2013

Learn English Lesson #1 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)

Learn English Lesson #1 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)
British Columbia's (BC) first Internet gambling site opened with such popularity that the system crashed. Debuting with 100% capacity, the website offered $10 free gambling money to anyone wanting to try the new site. The overwhelming response to this new measure caused the servers to overload; new servers are currently being installed to accommodate the increased traffic. Because of the installation, the site is temporarily offline. Proponents of online gambling include the government who expect to receive $100 million annually from the new gambling venture. Critics of the move suggest the website is luring people to the website with free money only to get them addicted to gambling. Conversely, the website is possibly less luring than casinos already in operation; casinos offer free alcohol and a 'groovy' atmosphere which can be far more luring than $10 free gambling money. One thing is certain: Teacher Phil is not gambling on the Internet! Questions: What to proponents of online gambling think of this website? They think the website is good for revenue. Who do you think would criticize online gambling? Parents, teachers, Libertarians, Name four things that can be described as 'groovy'. Groovy music Groovy cars Groovy movies Groovy chicks Why did they shut down the website temporarily? The new servers are being installed. Make a sentence with an alternate use of the word 'lure'. I used my fishing lure to catch a salmon. I used my fishing fly to lure in a salmon. What is the converse of 'online'? The converse of online is offline.
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Why did they shut down the website temporarily? Maybe they desided to use marketing (advertising) trick. "We are so popular? that internet traffic was overloaded by players". Maybe it was DDoS attack from parents, teachers, Libertarians or Teacher Phil. Who knows, maybe it was players from BC (not B.C.) Groovy chicks Ha-ha-ha....
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