Learn English Lesson #9 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)
24 сентября 2013

Learn English Lesson #9 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)

Learn English Lesson #9 (Read + Speak + Study Questions)
Justin Bieber seeks revenge against Kevin Kristopik Recently, a child named Kevin Krisopik used stalker techniques of get a hold of Justin Bieber's cell phone number. He proceeded to send multiple annoying texts to Justin, which caused fury and rage within his soul. Clearly angry, Justin posted Kevin's phone number on his twitter account. Justin's 4.5 million teenage twitter followers have nothing better to do so they proceeded to send text messages to Kevin's phone. Kevin received so many text messages that his phone service was shut down because the expense may reach $10,000. Kevin's father is not happy that his son received all of the 26,000 text messages. This tragic event goes to show that teenagers need something productive to do in their lives. Instead of watching stupid music videos and dreaming about teen pop sensations such as Justin Bieber, teens should be working in factories or farms. After all, we are in a recession/economic collapse and pretty soon these children will not have any television to watch Justin Bieber. Questions: Describe the relationship between Kevin and Justin. Kevin is a stalker to Justin. In addition, Kevin sent messages to Justin, promting Justin to publicly post Kevin's phone number. Why is Justin's father unhappy? He is unhappy because his son received 26,000 text messages that may cost $10,000. What should teenagers do instead of watching stupid TV? They should work in factories and farms instead of watching TV.
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#1 написал: Yelizev (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
Questions: Describe the relationship between Kevin and Justin. So. "Stalker" Kevin stole the cell phone number of Justin (Pop Star). Justin was tired of stupid SMS/MMS from Kevin. Justin decides to revenge by posting Kevin's? cell phone number on his Twitter (4.5 million teenage twitter followers helped to punish "Stalker" Kevin by sending 26,000 text messages that may cost $10,000 for Kevin's father).
#2 написал: bieberadventure101 (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
Wooing go beliebers yeah DONT FUCK WITH JUSTIN? BIEBER!!!!
#3 написал: TeacherPhilEnglish (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
Good answer. Maybe I? should ask questions with no answers and let you guys post answers here ??
#4 написал: bonghamlife JO (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
Yes? i like it. In our cases,the cost will be burderned by senders. So this child's parent would not worry about that. Thank you^^.
#5 написал: Maddie Furtado (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
In my opinion. Kevin deserved it. like? you don't go and annoy Justin Bieber when he has SO much stuff to do. it was prob annoying. but then again. Justin, should of been the better person and asked him to stop and if not get the police involved instead of taking matters into your own hands. you know you are followed by 4.5 million people. that would blow up in the public like wild fire. if? you still want to be known as the awesome Justin Bieber. grow up and don't do stupid shit on the internet.
#6 написал: 3RiYALS (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
What is twitter account yours ??? maybe i write it wrong i? can't write English ^_^
#7 написал: Yelizev (26 сентября 2013 06:27)
Why keep? silent the Guinness Book.
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