IELTS Listening Practice: Work and the Over 50s
24 сентября 2013

IELTS Listening Practice: Work and the Over 50s

IELTS Listening Practice: Work and the Over 50s
The listening questions and definitions of difficult words can be downloaded from: The talk you will listen to is similar to what you will hear in the IELTS Listening Exam. Someone is presenting the results of research into work and people over 50. Answer the questions on the screen while you listen. In the second half of the video the recording will be played again, but with the words of the talk and the answers appearing as you listen.
Видео IELTS Listening Practice: Work and the Over 50s делает английский язык более простым.
#1 написал: abhishek chavali (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
Same doubt.......,is 'office atmosphere? ' allowed rather than 'office'
#2 написал: Angel Avergonzado (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
Hello in? question number 2 can I answer office atmosphere?
#3 написал: Mohammad Soleimani (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
Cheers mate? for your quick answer. Thank you.
#4 написал: ESL4free (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
I see what you mean, Mohammad. You are right. When there is a percentage sign (%) after the space then "18" is best, and also it should be "2 in 10". Generally, however, a number (10) or a written number (ten) are both acceptable? in the exam. If you have a question like "How many people went to the zoo?" you could say 3 or three. If it is a big number it is best to write the number - e.g. 347.
#5 написал: Mohammad Soleimani (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
Really appreciate your helps for IELTS students. In the answers you always use? the numbers as letter not digit, I wondered which one is preferable on the test day. For example, in the first listening test, you have suggested 18 as eighteen and 2 as two, even though the nearby sentences analogy gives vote for numbers instead of letters. God bless you.
#6 написал: Kim Long Tr?n (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
It's easier than? others!!! my vision
#7 написал: Zairihan Abdul Halim (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
Hi, sorry I just noticed your comment here. I guess you have sit the test. So, how was? it. And yess! I got band 7! :)
#8 написал: ESL4free (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
Yes, "office atmosphere" would be a good answer if you could write two words or more. However, the instructions at? the beginning say to write one word or a number, so only "office" will fit. You must take care in the IELTS exam to not write more words than allowed (not more than... one word... two words... three words, etc) . The answer might be right and grammatically correct but the candidate will not receive a score if instructions are not followed.
#9 написал: mrhalfaman halfamazing (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
hi there !! in question 2:? is it right if i wrote office atmosphere instead of office . thanks
#10 написал: Edmon Vergara (26 сентября 2013 06:28)
hi silver green, hows ur ielts exam? im going to take my exam next month and im? seeking for someone who will give me some advice and help to improve my use & understanding of my english language... thank u so much!!!
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