Express English: Fitness
30 июля 2013

Express English: Fitness

Express English: Fitness
Express yourself! Every week we ask you a different question. Hear what people in London say, then join the conversation! This week: Fitness. What do you do to keep fit?
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#1 написал: flyleaf5433 (1 августа 2013 07:56)
I used to go jogging everyday at night, no matter it's a sunny day or a freezing day, I lost 8 kilograms during that time, but now I don't keep that habit anymore, and you know,? I gain 3 kilograms back:(
#2 написал: Gustavo Santos (1 августа 2013 07:56)
I will start my jogging again.? Last week I went jogging on the beach (Enseada dos Corais Beach, located in Pernambuco, Brazil).
#3 написал: Gustavo Santos (1 августа 2013 07:56)
Well, I used to be? very active some years ago. But now I'm a complete cough potato!!! I must to change my habits quickly!!!
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