Chapter 135 and Epilogue - Moby Dick by Herman Melville
24 сентября 2013

Chapter 135 and Epilogue - Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Chapter 135 and Epilogue - Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Chapter 135 and Epilogue. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Stewart Wills. Playlist for Moby Dick by Herman Melville: Moby Dick free audiobook at Librivox: Moby Dick free eBook at Project Gutenberg: Moby Dick at Wikipedia: View a list of all our videobooks:
Благодаря видео Chapter 135 and Epilogue - Moby Dick by Herman Melville учить английский язык очень просто.
#1 написал: jaimegaliano99 (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
Very good?
#2 написал: RefriedBeanDip . (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
I've read this novel twice. This is the? second time I've listened to it. this is so much more than a book about a whale. What next? Great Expectations perhaps..I do like Charles Dickens.
#3 написал: CCProse (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
Thank you. Glad you like it. We do indeed intend to continue!?
#4 написал: macracwhite (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
I don't know why CC Prose has negative replies. People responding negative don't know how much will and effort CC Prose might have required to upload all these great novels. Before I came to CC Prose I didn't knew anything about Herman Melville and many others. Such Videobooks can be an ease for people who do not like reading but who still want to know what novels offer. So CC Prose please do not get discouraged by negative replies, keep on with your effort and keep uploading many other novels.?
#5 написал: fodezzz (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
Si lees esto traducelo? al espa?ol en el traductor
#6 написал: fodezzz (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
No? hablo englesh
#7 написал: saretardedfilms (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
And you are soooo retarded. This story has made literary history! Only an idiot could read through this well-written tale and not find anything remotely appreciable of it. But I doubt a moron such as yourself had the intellect, nor the patience, to read through every chapter before judging it's? contents anyway. You're a stupid creature and your inferior tastes would be better just to a lesser work such as Transformers or Twilight or something else of stupidity that is greatly similar to your's.
#8 написал: MrNobody47710 (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
@123gigan Yeah, the reader doesn't put enough emotion into his voice,? and his acting is iffy.
#9 написал: 123gigan (26 сентября 2013 06:55)
This is? sssoooo boring
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