The Flatmates episode 170, from BBC Learning English
30 июля 2013

The Flatmates episode 170, from BBC Learning English

The Flatmates episode 170, from BBC Learning English
Tim is telling Jack and Sally that he will be away for a couple of weeks so they all need to decide what to do about the cafe. Jack suggests they close it and have a holiday, but will Sally have a better plan? Find out more in episode 170 - Plans for the cafe - from BBC Learning English.
Изучение английского языка будет легким с видео The Flatmates episode 170, from BBC Learning English.
#1 написал: blasquer (1 августа 2013 07:56)
los v?deos de Flatmates BBC Learning English? son muy recomendables ya que recrean situaciones cotidianas de una manera distendida usando dibujos y el ingl?s es accesible para los estudiantes de 4? ESO o bachillerato, adem?s aparecen bocadillos con el? texto y si se quiere se pueden suprimir.
#2 написал: lze19901013 (1 августа 2013 07:56)
god maybe you are? right. i hear little from it,what the hell the English is, hard to study!!
#3 написал: jonlewisprovence (1 августа 2013 07:56)
a cuppa = a cup of tea (British English) I think that Tim should appoint a stand-in manager. They could lose all their customers if? they close for two weeks.
#4 написал: lodigoyo2012 (1 августа 2013 07:56)
muy divertido? como siempre
#5 написал: jose luis vico (1 августа 2013 07:56)
Episode 170: Plans for the cafe Tim: Jack, Sally, can you come here for a minute? Jack: What is it? Sally: What's up? Tim: You know my flat is getting redecorated? Sally: Yes. Tim: Well, I'm moving back to my parents. And they live too far away for me to be able to come in to the cafe for the next couple of weeks. So we need to decide what you're both going to do while I'm away. Jack: We could close the cafe and all have a holiday. Tim: That's sounds like? fun. Sally: Yes, but would our loyal cus
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